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Weezel Wiz™ Penetrating Lubricant

Weezel Wiz™ Penetrating Lubricant

SKU: 0001

Yes, this is a real product.

Weezel Wiz is the best penetrating lubricant on the market, certified by ourselves, in a very biased product study. 


    Weezel Industries' original product is Weezel Wiz, a true artisan lubricant without the stank. 

    • Very flammable, so you know it's good.
    • Proprietary formula developed by an unqualified Weezel Industries associate.
    • Do not use as personal lubricant.
    • Not for sale or use in California, because it works!

    A very wise man once said "Learn to deal with disappointment at an early age and life will get much easier."

    If you are unhappy with the performance of any of our products, we encourage you to lower your expectations.

    ​If you receive a product that is damaged, please contact us so we can blame someone else for the issue. Refunds may be issued on a case by case basis.


    We'll ship your items as soon as we can.



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