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Weezel Industries was born from a group of beer drinking gearheads who learned at an early age that "Lubrication Is The Key To Success."

We are headquartered in Maine and we have rust, lots of rust.

True Mainers own rusty junk and run everything into the ground.

Whether it's rust caused by a ridiculous amount of road salt on a clapped out '99 GMC, rust on a lobster boat in Penobscot Bay, or maybe it's a rusty manure spreader that the farmer needs to run just "one more season," Weezel Industries can provide the lubrication you need to fix your junk. 

Story time is over; you should go buy something from us.

We need money to fix our junk. 

weezel industries

A:   Warren, ME 04864

T:   1-800-701-4765


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